Thursday, January 13, 2011

We're All Growing Up

All those pictures of Justone made me nostalgic.  We've just entered the annual brief four month period in which Justone and Endeavor's ages are sequential.  (He just turned ten, she's still eleven.)  Not such a big deal now, but back when those ages were 1 & 2, 2 & 3, and 3 & 4.....not so easy.  Particularly 3 and 4, because at that point, I also had a newborn.

I'm totally impressed that I survived.

Or maybe I should be more impressed that they survived.  

Anywho.  I realized the other day that, now Justone is 10 years old, I have two children in the double digits.  It was so hard to imagine what that would be like, back when I had three children under the age of four.  Now, those three can all make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Huh.

This morning, I let the Bionic Man sleep in a little bit.  I drove Endeavor to middle school and dropped her off.  I watched her walking into the school with all the other pre-teens, and it dawned on me that I was, well--that I was old enough to have a child that needed to be dropped off at middle school.

As Endeavor pulled out her large backpack, violin case, lunch box, and a pair of running shoes from the back seat, I observed the other families waiting in the drop-off line.  I thought of the times not so long ago that I had waited in a line to pick up or drop off a preschooler.  The line of cars was no different from our preschool days, but the kids--gangly boys shuffling their way towards the school in baggy pants, girls juggling cell phones and purses as they tried to apply another coat of lipgloss--have changed so much.

In the line ahead of me, a father stepped out of his vehicle to help with an unwieldy band instrument.  He looked like the father of one of my friends from high school.  Remember how grown ups looked before you were a grown up?  It occurred to me then that I was a grown up.  With a child in middle school, and a mortgage, and two cars, and I carry a purse, instead of a backpack or a diaper bag.

Who knew purses could make you feel old?

With all the weight of my years upon my shoulders, I pulled away from the middle school.  I was downright depressed.  I thought to myself, "Where did the time go?"  And suddenly, I had a flash back: (cue the soft lighting and elevator music) The Bionic Man and I were at our first birthing class, preparing for the birth of the baby who would be Endeavor.  Our instructor had each of the ten couples stand up and say a little bit about themselves, including their ages.  (Keep in mind, we were living in Connecticut, at the time.  This never could happen in Utah.)  One by one, they stood, and the ages given were 34, 35, 37--nothing less than 32.  Until The Bionic Man and I introduced ourselves.  "I'm the Bionic Man, and I'm twenty-six," the Bionic Man said.

"And I'm his wife, Ruth, and I'm twenty-two," I said, then offered the explanation, "This is our first baby."  ( if I thought someone might think we'd left two others at home?)

Somewhere out there, our classmates from that birthing class dropped their kids off at middle school this morning.  They might be wondering how the years flew by so quickly, too.  But they are 10 years closer to retirement than I am.  Ha!

That thought perked me up considerably.  As did the thought that finally, after four c-sections, I was able to use something I learned at birthing class.


  1. This cracks me up. And since I'm right in the middle of the getting older part (my baby just turned 2) I really appreciate the insight! Thanks, Ruth!

  2. Ruth! This post is the best! You are so great and even though my kids are a bit younger than yours I find myself thinking this same thing a lot lately. Ellie is turning 7 next week and I honestly can't believe it. I feel so old lately. Just like you described - we're grown ups - when did that happen?

    I was so so sorry to hear you lost a baby. Ruth my heart just ached for you and all I'm sure you have been through. Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you and I love hearing from you on my blog. Your comments always make me smile.