A House in Holland

Apothecary Jars  - How I made my own (Tutorial)
                              My collection
                              Decorating with them

Upcycling Clothing - Earth Day fashion: new outfit from old clothes
                                   Cardigan from maternity shirt
                                   Goodwill dress to apron

Sewing - Pride & Prejudice girl's dress
              Ribbon Trimmed Canvas Curtains
              Embroidered Canvas Pillow Cover
              Ruffled Canvas Slipcover for a Wingback Chair
               Matching girls' skirts and boy's tie
               Twirly skirt
               Favorite sewing blogs

Home Improvement and Decor - Seasonal Switches: Winter
                                                  Seasonal Switches: Spring (link coming soon)
                                                  Spring decor: mantle
                                                  Winter decor; mantle
                                                  Silver sage vs. gacky sage
                                                  Goodwill Makeover

Corralling the Everyday Chaos - September Projects
                                                     Slipcovered Storage

Crafty Projects - Burlap and Birdies Wreath
                          Weathered Wood and Wire Picture Holder