Saturday, August 28, 2010

Details on the Goodwill Makeover

As I promised yesterday, here are some of the details on my master bedroom makeover.
This makeover began after a lucky day at Goodwill.
I found all of these lovely things at one of the three Goodwill thrift shops that I like to frequent.  Most of them were new.  Good etiquette would be to not tell you how much I paid for things.  But this is a makeover--a bargain makeover--so I'm going to tell you.
Notice how many new items I discovered at the thrift store?  This is not uncommon.  Many stores will take damaged items from their shelves and donate them to places like Goodwill, so they can get a tax break.  I could find no damage to any of the linens, other than the fact that they weren't in their original packaging.  The lampshade was only slightly damaged, not enough to stop my from loving it and bringing it home.  Here's a handy tip I learned: at Goodwill, items donated by stores are marked with a gray tag. 

Let's talk makeover, now.  I was happy with the parts of my room that would have cost the most time and money to redo: the furniture and walls.  The walls are a custom color of Behr paint.  Custom because we tweaked the original color to make it work for us.  I call it Creamy Tan.  The furniture was our very first furniture purchase that wasn't a)used b)damaged c)unfinished d)particle board.  It's pretty matchy-matchy, and I know some of you are screaming a your screens, "Paint it white!" but Bionic Man loves natural wood, and I love the Bionic Man, so it's not going to get painted white.  I was also happy with the silk coverlet we have on the bed.

After making sure that the new bedding fit my bed, I switched out the curtains.  Um...the fitted sheet actually didn't fit.  I think it was twin sized.  No problem, it actually matches the bedding in my girls' room, and I had a fitted sheet already that matched.
I removed the old Waverly Vintage Rose curtains that had been on this window since the previous homeowners put them up.  The only new thing I purchased for this room went up next: a set of sheers from one of my all-time favorite discount decor stores, The Christmas Tree Shoppes.  They cost me a whopping $4.99/panel.

I shopped my house for the next layer of curtains, and stole these from my dining room:
Amanda from Serenity Now had told me about some similar curtains that she made from canvas drop cloths, too.  I copied her idea in my will be easy to get another set of drop cloths for the dining room!
After decluttering and vacuuming, I shopped my house for a few accessories, and changed up a few of those with a little spray paint.  I also spray painted my brass lamp from Goodwill.  I used Rustoleum's Painter's Touch in Green Apple Satin for all of these projects ($3.49/can).  I especially love the way the lamp turned out.
I got the idea to paint that old, ugly, brass lamp from Melissa of 320 Sycamore.  Thanks, Melissa!

Then I added a little to this space, with some stars I've had for a while.
Eventually, I'll get the Bionic Man and a tall ladder to switch some of the things on that tall shelf.  the barn stars will go up there, and I'll hang the plates I found above the dresser.  But that's a project for another day!

The armoire in the corner also needed a little TLC.
I'm really, really happy with the way everything turned out!  Admittedly, the Bionic Man was a little skeptical about it, when he came home to a new bedroom.  However, by the time he climbed into bed last night, he had to admit that he liked it.  He especially like that I pulled the whole thing off for under $100.

Here's my cost breakdown:
New Bedding: $53.94
Lamp & Shade: $9.48
Sheers: $9.98
Spray Paint: $3.49
Total: $76.89 for a new room!
It amazes me what a little imagination and a willingness to shop at a thrift store have done for my blah bedroom.  Complete transformation!  My most recent Goodwill shopping trip was inspired by Shelley over at House of Smiths.  Thanks, Shelley!

What's the best thing you've ever found at a thrift store?
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  1. What a deal! I love all the green you added. We're going for a similar look in our master bedroom, which is still a work in progress :)

  2. Yeah for good deals! The after looks amazing! How nice to have such a rewarding re-do. I love all the green details also.

  3. It's beautiful, and your bottom line can't be beat!

  4. Your bedroom is beautiful. I love your blog! I found you from your link @ FJI. I love GW, AJs, Drop cloth curtains (DCCs) ... we could be BFFs! LOL I'm following now..

  5. What fortunate finds, I can't believe you made everything over from the thrift store. I like the pop of bright green. You did a great job.

  6. WOW...this is one NIFTY THRIFTY that lamp...awesome color!


  7. Wow, this is beautiful & you did such a great job finding all these treasures! I love the green color, it really adds that tiny bit of spark to the room.

    Found you on the Sundae Scoop link party.

    Rachelle S.

  8. Love your bedroom makeover! Thanks for visiting my blog at D'Lea Designs.

  9. Great job! I have a love affair with thrift stores! I just painted my lamps too... With the same green apple paint! It on my blog if you want to see it.

  10. Hello again! If you click on the zucchini butter link, it will take you to the recipe :)

    I hope you're having a fabulous Sunday!

  11. Wow, so inspiring. Lovely, lovely job. It looks so fresh and new and for way less than $100.00. I'm all for that!

  12. Just is AWESOME!!! I love everything about this. Great job!
    Bonnie :)

  13. Great job! I love a beautiful budget re-do! The curtains turned out fabulous!

  14. They look great and the room looks great. :) Thanks for letting me know how they turned out, and for the linky love. :)

  15. Wow, what a deal makeover and it looks great!

  16. Hi stopping over from M4M. What a great makeover! You sure hit the jackpot at Goodwill! Lucky you.

  17. That headboard, armoire, and night stand look quite Kloter Farms-esque?!

  18. Congratulations on both finding great deals, and then knowing how to put it together in such a pleasing way. Well done.

  19. Wow, Nikie, what a compliment! I LOVE Kloter Farms and used to go there on a regular basis to covet their furniture, back when we lived in CT. Actually, my furniture is Value City-esque, and the entire set cost less than a single dresser from Kloter Farms. I still regret that I never bought a Kloter Farms dining set, though.

  20. Your new room looks beautiful - peaceful nights ahead for you!

  21. What a great room and I love that green lamp!