Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Justone, the Decade

Justone celebrated his 10th (and "golden" - 10 on the 10th) birthday on Monday.

After being sick all week before, I had to really scramble to get the family party ready for Monday evening.  (Justone will celebrate with friends later.)  I'm a little late with the blog celebration.  Actually, not late--can't this be part of the week-long jubilee celebration for Justone's golden birthday?

After Justone's birthday dinner, but before we played games and ate birthday cake, we all shared our favorite memories of Justone.  Let me tell you, this boy has a special place in all of our hearts.  As the only son and brother, he is a person of importance around here.  Justone is the best brother to his sisters.  Despite some teasing, he is so concerned about their feelings and willing to help them have fun.  I have never seen someone put so much thought into gifts--he is very generous.  We just love our Justone!

I now present the last decade with Justone:


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