Friday, January 7, 2011

Lego my Lego

On New Year's Eve, the Bionic Man and I usually go out to celebrate at the home of some friends who know how to throw really great [non-alcoholic] parties.  This year, we were all set to go out, but at the last moment both the Bionic Man and I realized that neither of us felt very well and we were both too tired to party in public.  We cancelled the babysitter, put on our jammies, and let our kids decide how they wanted to spend the night.

The children, of course, were thrilled.  It was determined that we would spend the night playing games and watching movies and lighting fireworks.  We did just what they wanted, even though the fireworks were lit in the pouring rain.

Santa had brought this game to our family, and we hadn't had a chance to play it yet.
Have you played Lego Creationary?  I can recommend it.
It was easy to set up.  The cards have no words, just pictures, so every member of the family could play independently.  (A big deal for Superkid, right now.)
You play Lego Creationary just like pictionary, except instead of drawing the words for people to guess, you build them out of Legos.  

After a few rounds, we changed things up a bit and started building all at the same time, hiding our Lego creations behind cardboard boxes on the kitchen table.  It was hilarious.

This is a sailboat built by Justone.
Can you tell what I had to build?
It was supposed to be a hot air balloon.  Tricky.

The Bionic Man and Justone were the best builders, but Superkid could guess what the objects were better than anyone else.

This game is definitely a keeper.  You can find it at Target or online at Amazon.    

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  1. okay, that game is WAY to smart for children that age. you have a family of brainiacs!