The Travelers

Who are these people, anyway?

Me=Ruth, your friendly neighborhood blogging mother of four and wife of 13 years.  (You can find out more about why I blog and what my blog is all about in the "Why *Holland?" section.)  There is definitely more to me than that.....which I'm sure you'll discover as you read my blog. 

The Bionic Man is my husband.  He's one of those people who can figure out how to do anything, and then does it better than anyone else.  He also does things like running half marathons the day after having stomach flu and getting his best time yet.  And, he can accomplish more in 8 hours than most people accomplish in 24.  Hence, the name Bionic Man.
Our oldest child is Endeavor.  She is a lovely young woman.  I love that she loves reading as much as I do--maybe more?--and I have a hard time getting upset when I catch her reading Anne of Green Gables instead of cleaning her room.  I also love that Endeavor totally gets my sense of humor, now, and we can have inside jokes.  Endeavor's creativity and organizational skills truly put mine to shame.  This is the child that makes me look like a waaaaayyy better mom than I really am!
Justone has the dubious distinction of being our only son.  You know how sometimes you have to do things over and over to get them just right?  Well, the reason we only have one son is because he arrived "just right."  He's smart, eager, patient, happy, athletic, and so conscientious about doing the right thing.  Justone is also the world's best brother--he is so kind and generous to his sisters.  This is the child who often sets the example for the rest of the family.
I don't know what life would be like without our Superkid.  Before she came along, life in our home was pretty dull.  Superkid has had many challenges during her young life, but she faces each one with courage, determination, and strong faith.  She is the social butterfly of the family, relishing opportunities to make new friends and to perform for the masses. 
Lily is our Li'l Angel.  She was the little sister that her siblings hoped and prayed for years before she joined our family.  We discovered during her 20-week ultrasound that Lily would be born with many, many challenges.  Before she was born, it became evident that Lily was determined to come spend time with our family despite the difficulties her body would give her.  We prayed that we would be able to enjoy her for even just one day.....and we were blessed with 400.  Our family is so grateful to know that our family is forever, and we will see Lily again someday.
The newest member of our family is Hunter.  He's a very handsome Lab/Pointer mix that we adopted through a rescue organization.  Hunter has been the perfect dog for our family.  He's willing to do anything we do--as long as it isn't swimming or bathing.  Hunter lavishes us with love, affection, and loyalty.  He has excellent non-verbal communication skills.  He never has accidents.  And no, you can't have him.

Black and white family portrait and Lily photographed by Melanie Carr Photography.
All other images on this page courtesy KD Portraits.