Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Breakfast

Today is an important day at our house.  We're celebrating Lily's birthday!  (You can read more about Lily and her birthdays here, here, and here.)  Lily's birthday celebration is traditionally planned by her siblings, Endeaver, Justone, and Superkid.  This year, they wanted to have a special breakfast, and requested a very yummy treat.
I made these chocolate crepes for the first time last week, when we were visiting my sister.  They were such a hit that we all wanted to have them again.  What better day than today? (Recipes are after the pictures, below.)

I've learned that crepes are easier to make on an electric griddle, rather than a small frying pan.
You can make more of them at a time, and they are easier to flip.  I get a nice circle by pouring the crepe batter onto my griddle with a 1/3 cup measure, and gently guiding the batter into a circle with the bottom of the measuring cup.  The wonderful thing about crepes is they don't need to be perfect to be tasty.
Once the crepes are on our plate, we drizzle on some high-quality chocolate syrup (we used Sander's Swiss Dark Fudge)
add a few berries
and lots of heavy whipping cream.
Then we roll them up 
and drizzle on more syrup and top that with more berries.  
So good.  But do you know what is even better than chocolate syrup on these luscious crepes?  

Buttermilk syrup.
Trust me when I say that you have not truly lived if you haven't tasted buttermilk syrup.  It is divine.  It will change your life.  (And your waistline, if tasted too frequently.)  And it really is a cinch to make.
Try it on chocolate crepes with raspberries.
And cream.  (Many thanks to my food stylist, Endeavor.)
Roll the berries and cream up in those crepes and drizzle buttermilk syrup all over them.  Try to avoid pouring the buttermilk syrup straight into your mouth.
Top them with more raspberries.  
Eat them and be transported directly to food heaven.  They are that good.

Here are the recipes, just in case you'd like to make a visit to food heaven sometime soon.  Enjoy!

In honor of Lily's birthday, here is one of our favorite family videos.
(Google readers can click here to view.)

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  1. This looks too yummy to be legal!! But, I am willing to risk breaking the law to eat some of these. Thanks for the recipe

  2. YUMMY!!!!!!! Okay these are so on the list of a cheat meal! I'm sharing them on the Glitter Facebook Page today too!