Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something Special Saturday - 2/26/11

We just got a brand-new baby niece, this month.  She lives far away from us, so we haven't met her in person...just in photos and videos.  I love pictures of newborns almost as much as I love newborns.  So, today's special picks from the blogosphere are all centered around babies and baby pictures, as a tribute to little Stella.  (Note: I'm not including pics from the featured blogs in my post because I don't want to infringe on the copyrights of any of the talented photographers.  Make sure you click on the links to enjoy the fun!)

Speaking of Stella, wouldn't you love to see the portraits from her sweet newborn session?

This is what happens when one of your aunties is Kristine of KD Portraits.  Stella is beautiful.  I love that Aunt Kris took all of these photos in Stella's own home.  They are so much more personal and real than the current trendy baby-in-a-nutshell or baby-in-an-owl-hat that you see everywhere.  Make sure you scroll down to view my personal favorite, the one with Stella's parents leaning over the crib.  (It might make you cry.)

You already know I'm a fan of Young House Love and the Petersiks.  Do you know what I think the greatest idea they've ever shared, is?  Hands down, Clara's Weekly Photo Project.  Those Petersiks are smart, smart, smart.  Every week they take a picture of their baby in a onesie, lying on a different piece of fabric.  Then they photoshop the week's number onto the onesie.  Genius!  If someone leaves a baby on our porch, we'll copycat the Petersiks and do this every week.  Even if you don't like babies, you have to check out Clara's Photo Project to admire the fabrics and get some great amateur photography tips.

Okay, these next baby pictures are just too, too good to miss.  The baby is darling, but the presentation....oh my.  I cannot explain why these baby pictures are on a wedding planner's blog, or why I even frequent said wedding planner's blog (actually, I could, but it would take a while, so I won't), all I can say is that these baby pictures are indescribably awesome.  Basically, this incredibly talented and artistic mother creates little vignettes around her daughter using household objects, all while the baby sleeps!  (The photographer has her own blog, but the baby pics are scattered throughout the posts, so it is just easier to click on the first link to view the artistry.)

Finally, I'd like to make a special announcement.....that has nothing to do with babies.

Besides making pillows and curtains and cleaning like the in-laws were about to visit during my recent blogging break, I did something else, too.  I got my very first gig as a free-lance writer!  I've been hired by the CSI Project (Create Something Inspiring Project) to do some of the writing and editing for their site.
Have you ever visited the CSI Project?  Well, by all means, stop by and take a look, because not only is today one of my first days on the job (eeeek!), but it's a great place to get crafting and decor ideas.  Each week the CSI Project sponsors a themed DIY competition.  Bloggers enter their handmade projects for a chance to win recognition and a special giveaway.  Guest contributors post tutorials throughout the week, and it's always fun to find out who is judging each week's competition.  (Past judges have included  Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy, Kate from Centsational Girl, and The Martha Stewart Crafts Department!) 

I'm very excited to participate behind the scenes.  The three bloggers who host the CSI Project are some of my favorites, too--you can find out who they are here.  

Enjoy your weekend and these links to some special things!

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