Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Snowed Inside

I know that today is the first day of March, and I should probably be thinking of spring….but we’re still experiencing winter where I live.  Just humor me, this week, while I finally post some of my winter projects.
Yesterday, this little pillow was in all the pictures of my newly slipcovered chair.  See if you can find a couple of its relatives on the other side of my family room:

Here’s another snowflake pillow on the couch…
….with more snowflakes over the window!
Believe it or not, it cost me all of $1.98 to make both pillows and the valance.  What’s my secret to scoring such a great deal on fabric?  I didn’t buy it at a fabric store. 

All that fabric came from a tablecloth I found last year during Target’s post Christmas clearance.

It caught my eye because it reminded me of something I had at home, this cute little plaque thingy:
The tablecloth was a harmless impulse buy at 90% off.  I put it on my kitchen table, last winter.  This winter, I decided to give it new life…ahem, several new lives.

The valances were easy.  I just cut 18” off each long side of the tablecloth.  (By the way, this was a pretty long tablecloth.  80 inches?)  That gave me three ALREADY FINISHED EDGES to work with on each of the two valance panels.  For the rod pockets, I folded the cut edge over about 2”, and sewed it down with a straight seam. 
The pillows were nothing more than simple, sewn cases.  The larger one has a canvas backside, for a little variety.  Easy peasy!
Tomorrow, I'll tell you how I made the embroidered canvas pillow next to the snowflake pillow.

Right now, I’m keeping my eye out for some inexpensive fabric that I can use to make pillows and another valance for spring.  Tablecloths, sheets, clearance remnants….every big piece of fabric is fair game!  With a backdrop of neutrals—canvas and chocolate brown leather—these easy projects are a cheap, simple way for me to add a seasonal punch of color to my rooms. 
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