Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sliding Home

I may have mentioned before that Bionic Man is extremely creative.  He comes up with some pretty wild ideas, some of which I won't mention.  (Like how he'd love to install clear tubes along the ceiling and fill them with water and tropical fish.  If only I would let him....)   Most of those wild ideas turn into amazing finished products, once Bionic Man gets to turn his ideas into reality, like our gazebo playscape.

Even before we were married, Bionic Man shared his dream with me of having a slide inside our future home.  We're not talking a Little Tykes mini slide, we're talking a slide.  And you know what?  I kinda dug that idea.  Unfortunately, we just haven't ever lived in a home where a slide was architecturally feasible.  It seemed like something we'd have to design ourselves.

Recently, a friend showed me pictures of a home in Japan, with a slide as the central design feature.  I loved it!

Trust me, you'll want to see the other pictures of this home.  

Those pictures got me wondering about other homes with slides, so I went looking and found these:

Still, those homes made the idea of an indoor slide seem, well, only attainable to the very wealthy.  Seriously, the only people putting glass railings on their stairwells are people who can afford housekeepers.  And nannies.  And window washers.

Then, I stumbled upon an indoor slide for the real world--or at least the world that I live in.  Blogger Erin from Decor Allure and her husband actually worked a slide into the design when they finished their basement.  Suddenly, an indoor slide seems more within our reach. here to tell you, it was the slide that caught my eye, but the whole basement is just fantastic.  

Take a look at the view from the top of the stairs:
That ladder on the landing leads to the top of the slide.
And the slide comes out in the new rec room.
Talk about fun!  As you can imagine, there is a long line for the slide when Erin's family hosts a party.  But I'm sure the swing gets plenty of use, too.
 Does Erin have the greatest home on the block, or what?  Don't just take my word for it, go visit Erin and look at some of the other pictures of her new basement.  She and her husband, veteran DIYers, did a beautiful job on finishing the rest of the recreation room, as well as bedrooms and a bathroom down there.  I covet the bookshelves right along with the slide.
Do you have any wild ideas you've been dreaming of for your own home?  

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