Thursday, September 2, 2010

In Which the ER Welcomes Us

The school nurse called the other day, just as I was finishing my incredibly long and complex grocery list.  The nurse said Superkid's head was hurting and she couldn't see when she moved her eyes to the left.


That was a new one for our pot of Symptom Soup.  Loss of vision.  And not just new, scary new.

Needless to say, we spent some time at the emergency room, that day.  A lot of time.

And then I spent more time on the phone the next day with our various doctors.  And then we went to see Superkid's opthamologist.  And we'll be going to see a new neurologist, soon.

In the last six years, I've spent a lot of time in ERs and hospital rooms and doctors' offices.  If there is anything I have learned that I can share with you, it is this:

None of the doctors ever, ever look like George Clooney.

But that's okay, because I'll tell you that it doesn't matter what the doctor looks like if he or she can reassure you that your six year old is not having a stroke or suddenly going blind.  (Thank you, Dr. Roberts, opthalmologist extraordinaire!)  Superkid has her peripheral vision back, and we now know that what she experienced is known as a "migraine event."  Not fun, but not permanent blindness, either. 

I'm glad we're home, and I'm glad Superkid is fine.  But we left many, many children behind at the hospital who are not fine and who won't be going home any time soon.  They need your prayers. 

Go here to learn about something else you can do for them, too.


  1. Ok...first off what a scary event with Super kid. You had my heart racing. So glad that turned out ok. Phew!

    Second....I totally laughed at your comment on there not being any George Clooneys at the hospital. So true. Of course probably the one time we do get him we will look all sorts of crazy....bed hair, no makeup, dragon know that look like you have been living out of a hospital for far too long. LOL!!

  2. Yikes that would be seriously scary. I am sorry it was a migraine event thought - that means it might (and probably will happen again).