Thursday, September 30, 2010

Date Night Deals

90% off at
Today only!

The Bionic Man and I are really trying to fulfill our goal of at least one date per month.  I try to keep an eye out for cheap date night ideas.  The dates have to be inexpensive, because let's face it: babysitting is what makes dating your spouse expensive. 
Rare footage of the Bionic Man and I in the before-we-were-married days of dating.

So, I was grinning from ear-to-ear today when I checked my email and found out about a great deal from sells discounted gift certificates for restaurants all over the U.S.  To be frank, these "gift certificates" are a bit more like coupons, due to the restrictions that most restaurants place upon them.  Typically, you can get a $25 gift certificate for $15.

So here is the today only deal I am sharing with you:

90% off
your purchases
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Let me tell you how:  

Go to  Do a search for restaurants in your area, or one you are planning to vacation in soon, or one where you have family members that need Christmas gifts....

(I did a search the the Salt Lake City, Utah, area, since I have lots of family there.)

A list of restaurants will pop up.  (Over 75 in Utah.)

Find one in the list you are interested in.  I picked La Caille, since I'd heard my photographer sis-in-law, Kris, raving about the gorgeous setting.  

Next, look to the right of the restaurant listing and read the fine print about the restrictions on using a gift certificate there.  These are the restrictions for a $25 certificate at La Caille:
Minimum 2 entrees. 18% Gratuity added prior to discount. Excludes: Alcohol, Holidays/Special Events. Valid 1 per party. Excludes: Fridays and Saturdays in December.

If you can live with those restrictions, click on the ADD TO CART button.  Normally, the $25 gift certificate would cost you $15, but when you apply today's promotional code (WOW), you will be able to purchase this certificate for $1.50!!!

All that is left to do after that is enter your payment info and print out your gift certificate!
Granted, I didn't look at the menu for La Caille until just a minute ago.....and I discovered that $25 won't go very far scratch that recommendation for a cheap date night if you live in Utah.  If, however, ordering fine french cuisine at $55/plate is your thing, then enjoy the bonus of $23.50 off your very swanky date night, there.  

For the rest of us, there are plenty of other restaurants to choose from....some in your area, I'm sure.  

Keep in mind that from what I've seen, typical restrictions are that you must have a $35 minimum purchase and dine-in dinner only.  Still, for that price you should easily be able to eat a nice, sit down restaurant meal for $10, using your gift certificate--not much more than you'd pay to go through the drive-through at Mickey D's.

As of today, I have scored three of gift certificates for nice restaurants in my area.  I spent a total of $4.50, so that leaves money in the date budget for a babysitter!  Talk about cheap thrills.  Now, go out and plan a few budget-friendly dates for yourselves!

Note:  I am not affiliated with or being compensated by  I receive an alert on this deal from  The only benefit I receive from sharing any of the above information is the satisfaction I get from sharing a good deal with my friends.  Enjoy!

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