Thursday, September 9, 2010

Canvasing the Neighborhood

Do you think it is possible that I could use too much canvas to decorate my house?  I'm on my way to find out, right now.  Testing to proceed in T minus 3 hours. 

I found a sweet sale at Home Depot on canvas drop cloths.  2 for $9.97!  My great room is about to be curtained.  I also found a sweet sale at JoAnn's in the Home Decor fabric.  50% off!  My great room is about to be valanced, as well.  If I get really ambitious, there might be a chair or two that gets slipcovered, too.  Nothing around here is safe, I tell you.

In other news, the waterproof camera died this week.  We were down to the one camera, and it just kicked the bucket.  Guess what that means?  Well, for starters, it may be a while before I post any pictures of all the canvas.  It also means that, sometime between now and Christmas, I get a new camera! 

This has nothing to do with curtains or cameras, but Superkid is home sick today.  She's debuting this school year's first case of pneumonia.  Lovely.  The Bionic Man and I are soooo over all things pneumococcal.  We wish pneumonia would leave our child alone.  It is like the class bully, only worse.  We've had it.  Hopefully the immunologist will have some answers for us at our upcoming visit. 

In the's some inspiration I found on the WorldWide Web....just more proof that I can't go too far with all that canvas.

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