Saturday, May 14, 2011

Something Special Saturday - 5/14/11

I can't believe it is already Saturday.

Mind if I start today's version of SSS with a bit o' bragging?  And shameless advertising?

I think I've mentioned that earlier this year, I was hired by The CSI Project to do some of their writing.
The best things about my job?  I get to know who wins the weekly craft competitions before anyone else AND I get to discover all kinds of amazing home decor and craft blogs as I write up the different posts.  How amazing is it that I'm getting paid to look at other people's blogs?!?!?!  (Trust me, Bionic Man is still scratching his head over this turn of events.)

Anywho, even if you aren't into entering craft or DIY or home decor competitions, the weekly challenges hosted by The CSI Girls are a great way to get inspiration.  For instance, this week's challenge:  Spring Mantels and Vignettes.  Let me tell you, as of the day this picture was taken, my own mantel isn't up for the challenge.
How sad is that?  Let's call it a "during" picture.  Lucky for me, I can view all the links to the competition and get some much needed inspiration.  You can, too!  Here's a link to this week's links.  The links stay up on each challenge if you don't need any help with your mantel, you can go back in the archives for past challenges, like the Dollar Store Challenge or the Outdoor Decor Challenge.  Great stuff, there!

Here are my three favorites from the early entries of the challenge....head back over to The CSI Project today to find out who the Guest Judge and CSI Girls picked.

No Mantel?  Then this one's for you: Entry #26 - Spring Vignette by Christina's Adventures.

Enjoy your weekend!

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