Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Recap

This is by no means an exhaustive recap of the month of April.  Just a look at some of the fun we've had.  And, um, that doesn't mean the things that weren't photographed weren't fun, right?  Right.

My sister came to visit for Easter weekend.  Looking for someplace fun to take her that wasn't too far away, we took a chance and went to an Earth Day festival downtown.  A good time was had by all.  Probably because just about every booth at the festival was handing out freebies.  What's more green then FREE?

Bionic Man and Justone were fascinated by the hybrid vehicles.  Unfortunately, those weren't free.
Face painting, on the other hand, was free.

Superkid begs for intricate face painting, like this, every time we visit our local zoo.  I have never said yes.  At the zoo, something like this costs $12-18.  At the Earth Day Festival, it was free.  Sort of.  I did spend approximately 90 minutes of my life waiting in line with Superkid for this.  And she posed herself.
Bionic Man thought that since we spent so much time waiting to get Superkid's face painted, she should keep it on for a few days.  I reminded him that Easter Sunday was the day after the festival.  "Perfect!" he exclaimed.  "She looks like Spring!"  Fortunately, Superkid decided a few minutes before church that she'd forgo the facepaint.  Good thing she directed several photoshoots before that.

The highlight of the Earth Day festival?  We stopped to eat our lunch at the outdoor concert venue.  The local band that was playing wasn't getting a very enthusiastic response from the crowd.....until a very young hip-hop aficianado got up and started dancing in front of the stage.
Um, yep, that's me you can hear laughing loudly in the background.  Hence the reason for the camera shaking.  I'm not a fan of hip hop, but I am a fan of freestyle dance moves by seven year olds.

The little guy dancing started to draw quite a crowd, which definitely made things more fun for the band.  A couple songs later, the lead singer jumped off the stage to capitalize on the attention.  Despite the lead singer's best efforts, the little guy just kept stealing the show.
Good times!

The day after the Earth Day festival was Easter.....and Endeavor's birthday!  She turned twelve.  Twelve!

Since it was such a big day for Endeavor, we let her choose the menu for Easter dinner, and invite the guests. Mashed potatoes are Endeavor's ultimate favorite food.  So, instead of the traditional Easter ham, Endeavor chose a mashed potato bar.  We came up with a wide variety of toppings and let everyone go to town.

Unfortunately, due to hostessing duties, I missed many photo ops.  I did, however, get pics of the birthday pies--another request from the birthday girl.  See the E for Endeavor?
We had (clockwise from the left) key lime, chocolate mousse, strawberry (purchased at the church bakesale that weekend) and blueberry peach.
A few days after Easter, Justone competed in his last Pinewood Derby as a cub scout.

As you can tell, the Bionic Man was really into it.  I think he was more upset by the fact that this was Justone's last Pinewood Derby than Justone was.  I'm wondering if I should get him his own track for Father's Day....mmm, maybe not.
Justone's design prowess has come a long way since the dinosaur car he made for his first derby.  (He glued screws all down the front of the car, representing the spikes of a stegosaurus, for that one.)  Look at this year's slick racer, detailed by Justone (it's the car on the far left).

Not to leave anyone out of the April recap, Hunter the Dog continues to be the most patient family pet on the face of the Earth.  Are you getting the impression that Hunter spends a lot of time in costume?

Still can't believe how fast the month of April flew by.  Is everyone ready for the end-of-school madness that is the month of May?

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  1. I completely loved this post! Ha!! The little guy dancing was priceless and the pics of the dog dressed up like a superhero, complete with cape, was by far the cutest thing I have seen a while!