Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Teeny Tiny Celebration

We celebrated Superkid's 7th birthday yesterday at a party with her friends.  I was so happy with how it turned out; my early preparations turned into a delightful little event.  Want to see?

Our party theme was "teeny-tiny with a touch of fall."  You can view the invitations and the blogs that inspired the theme here.

Everything about this party was on a mini scale, even the decorations.  I made cute little pennant banners to hang everywhere, by sewing paper triangles onto ribbon.
I made lots of these little banners, and strung them all over the house, front porch, and deck, in lieu of streamers.  They were actually easier to work with than streamers, I found.

I had so much fun with the tiny pennant banners, that I even sewed some on a t-shirt for the birthday girl, so that she matched her party!
I had a table near the door where I kept everything that we planned to give our guests.
We even had teeny tiny balloons.
I actually intended for these water balloons to be tied into bundles and strategically placed throughout the party decor.  My assistants (Endeavor and Justone) had so much fun making this giant bunny mural as they pumped up the balloons, and Superkid was so impressed with it that I just kept it there.  Hilarious!

As each girl arrived, she got her own teeny tiny party hat, which I made myself using this template.  

While the guests were arriving, we had a tiny marshmallow roast.  Unfortunately, it was a little hard to man the camera when supervising eight small girls with burning candles, so I only have pictures of the end of the roast.  Sorry!
The teeny tiny s'mores were a huge hit.  I filled a divided tray with mini marshmallows, mini teddy grahams, and milk chocolate chips.  Each girl had her own tea light, which we kept lit for them.  They stuck their marshmallows on toothpicks, held them over the flame of their candles to toast the marshmallows, then built s'mores with the chocolate chips and teddy grahams.  The little girls were completely delighted by this.

After s'mores, I told the girls a silly story about a teeny tiny lady and a teeny tiny bone.  (You can find it here.)  We let the girls take turns hiding and finding a tiny "bone" after the story.  Then it was back outside to decorate teeny tiny pumpkins.
Endeavor and her good friend were so wonderful to help the younger girls decorate their pumpkins.  Instead of painting them, I found little straw hats and doll hair at Hobby Lobby that we could glue onto to the pumpkins, along with wiggly eyes and tiny pom poms.  This kept the guests busy for quite a while.  It was fun to listen to them as they worked, talking about who they were going to give their pumpkin to, or where they would display it at home.
Once their pumpkins were turned into curly-haired beauties, we sent the girls into the sandbox for a tiny treasure hunt.
It had been Justone's job to bury the treasure, and he did that job just a tiny bit too well.  The guests had to work hard to find their rings!
While we were getting the guests brushed and washed off from the sandbox, Endeavor helped them play a tiny matching game.  She had made a set of cards for all of the girls, using stickers and squares of cardstock, which went home in their favor bags.

Next, we served up some tiny-yet-tasty treats.

 The tiny buffet, complete with a very tiny birthday cake (topped with a 7 candle).
 Tiny snacks included pizza bites, a vegetable tray of carrot sticks (julienned), celery sticks (thin sliced), and tomatoes (grape), and hot dogs (hot dog buns were frozen rolls cut in half and baked).
Tiny cupcakes, made using mini muffin tins.
After a stop at the buffet, the guests found their places at the table, marked by tiny waterbottles with their initials.
The guests definitely enjoyed their tiny feast.  Especially the ice cream cones.

I found the very tiny cones at Target, for about $2.99.  They are darling, with tops about the diameter of a fifty cent piece.  Guess what?  After the party, when I was picking up groceries at Aldi (my favorite grocery store), I found the same cones for $0.89!!!  I never even thought to look at Aldi--I know I've never seen them there before.  

Anywho, after the candles on the teeny tiny cake were blown out and wishes were made, the birthday girl opened her presents.  Then, she gave tiny favor bags to her guests, personalized with their initial.
Among other tiny things, each girl received her very own fabric flower pin or barrette, custom made for the occaision by "Miss L".  (She offers them for sale here, to raise the money she needs to participate in sixth grade orchestra.)
This was such a fun party to plan and to host.  It was fun to see how much our guests enjoyed the novelty of the "teeny tiny" theme.  I think for most of them, it was their first time attending a birthday party that wasn't all pink and princessy.  Can you tell they had fun?
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  1. This party is so adorable. I bet you had a lot of fun "scheming" about the food. How fun. Sadly my tiniest child will be 12 yrs. old on her next bd :(.

  2. Love it!! We just had a "tiny party" for my daughter too, and borrowed some ideas from the pleated poppy. My twist was vintage "tiny" dishes and flatware - the girls had never been to a party where there were real dishes!! LOL

    Looks like your party was a smashing success!!

  3. Fun blog. I'd like to come for the next party :)

  4. i love all the details - it looks great!

  5. LOVE the banner - super cute!


  6. You are so creative and cute! I love the way you decorated and the little treats. I hope my kids will have as awesome birthday parties from me someday!

  7. So, so cute. Thanks so much for saying hi at my blog the other day! It's so fun to meet new creatives!!!

  8. A great theme! I love a great theme! This theme would be perfect for a baby shower too!