Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Endeavor's Endeavor

What to do when your middle school orchestra student is expected to pay a participation fee of $200?

One option is letting your child go door-to-door in the neighborhood, selling the wrapping paper and "gourmet gifts" offered as an orchestra fundraiser. 

That's not the way I like to do things, or the way I like my kids to do things.  When I donate to something, I want to know that 100% of the profits go towards the organization I'm donating to.  And, when my kids participate in fundraisers, I want them to learn that they actually have to put forth more effort than selling wrapping paper to their grandmothers to earn money.

So, here is what I do when faced with an orchestra participation fee:
Endeavor and I have combined our efforts to open a temporary online shop to raise the $200+ she needs to participate in orchestra. 

L is for Lovely
is the name of Endeavor's shop.  She is offering several collections of floral flower pins and barrettes, as well as ruffled tote bags.  

You can visit her webpage by clicking HERE.

The darling accessories that Endeavor has crafted (with some assistance from me) are being offered at really great prices.  (Only $6 for a large pin/barrette, or 2 for $10!)  In addition to the pre-made offerings, Endeavor can customize her accessories just for you.  We're adding colors and additional collections every few days, so be sure to check back often!

Local delivery is free, and we are willing to ship Endeavor's products if necessary.

We would really, really appreciate any business that you send our way!

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