Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Trying, Really, I'm Trying!

Someday, I will catch up enough with my real life that I will have time to update my virtual life.

By that I mean my blog.

Remind me next year that I need more than six days between coming home from a four-week vacation and the first day of school.

I still haven't finished shopping for school supplies.  I still haven't finished the pile of laundry from our trip.  I still haven't put away all the suitcases and downloaded the photos from the camera. 

I did spend a morning at the middle school helping Endeavor find her way around.  I did get caught up with my Cub Scout duties.  I did teach my Relief Society class that I very nearly forgot about.  I did find some darling shoes and clothes for Superkid on sale at Target.  (I'm going to cry when she doesn't fit in 5T anymore.)  I did make the handouts for the staff at Superkid's new school about her medical issues and emergency care.  I did make sure Justone had a haircut.  And I did sign up for a half marathon in October.

I've got to do something while everyone is in school.  All day.  Every day.

Did I mention that I'm struggling with the whole firstborn-going-to-middle-school scenario?  Seriously, I think I only gave birth to her about three months ago.
Recent photographic evidence proves me to be wrong, however.  Check out Endeavor's photoshoot with her Aunt Kris, who happens to be a really amazing photographer. 

Wish me luck with finding the last of our school supplies, today.  You'll be hearing more from me very starts tomorrow.  


  1. I've missed your posts!! Can't wait until you get all caught up!

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