Monday, August 23, 2010

My Trendy New Accessory

Wanna see the fantastic new accessory I acquired just this morning?
It's the latest thing for the woman who's always on the go!

Yep, I am sporting my very own, very stylish arm sling as of this morning.  I slipped while climbing down the small but steep bank of the neighborhood creek, yesterday.  I landed hard on my left arm.  (Talk about tender mercies--it wasn't my right!)  I thought at first that I was going to be okay, but then it started to hurt.  Really, really hurt.  Enough that I almost said words out loud that I normally wouldn't even think.  So, this morning I went to the doctor and came home with a sling.

It's a good thing I've had children, because I've had lots of practice doing things with one hand.  Unfortunately, this kind of puts a damper on all the sewing and painting projects I had lined up for this week.  You know, though, maybe my sling can double as a purse!  Or maybe I can figure out how to make my own slings out of really cute fabric, and then people won't wonder what happened to my arm, they'll just wonder where I got that fabulous, new accessory.

Anyone have any good tips for carrying on as usual with one less arm?


  1. Yikes. I really don't have tips besides go slow. I went through a weird event several years ago where my whole upper right side was limited and you just have to go slow, which was easy for me because I was sick all-over. You probably feel fine enough (and having kids) that you won't want to go that slow!

    Bummer - but I hope you make a cute sling it would be fun to see.

  2. All the way to Holland to break an arm!