Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Giveaway EXTENDED....

A quick note about my first giveaway, which was supposed to end last night at 6 P.M:

I've extended it until 6 P.M. tonight!

Why?  Well, mainly because I had to have general anesthesia yesterday for a little medical procedure, which meant I spent most of the day feeling completely loopy, and that I fell asleep at 6 P.M. instead of randomly selecting a winner.  My apologies!  

The Bionic Man had some stuff at work he couldn't get out of, so my friend Angie was good enough to join me for my little hospital adventure.  She reports that I'm just as talkative coming out of anesthesia as I am when I fully conscious.  Apparently, I asked her, the nurse, the doctor, and anyone else who entered the room all about their summer vacation plans.....several times each.  Thanks for listening, Angie!  I still can't remember where you are going on your summer vacation, but it does appear my subconscious self is taking the summer months very seriously.  A sign that I'm in good mental health--what if I'd been repetitively talking about how much laundry I have to do this week?

Anyway, I'll have some pictures up later today of the cute apron I'm including in the giveaway.  

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