Saturday, April 10, 2010

Something Special Saturday

Here are some things I discovered this week that are just too good to keep to myself.

Cassandra Design
I found Cassandra's blog several months ago, when I was first exploring the blogosphere.  She never fails to delight me with her creative ways of refreshing old pieces of furniture.  Every time she posts, she has pictures of yet another lovely thing she has made.  Like this polka dot chair:
Cassandra very kindly shows how she was able to put those dots on:
Look at this nifty message center Cassandra made using an old door:
Isn't that awsome?  Besides gorgeous refinished furniture, Cassandra shows how to do other fun seasonal decorating projects.  I really love this Easter grass she grew.
Again, Cassandra helpfully shows the rest of us how to grow our own Easter grass.
 I have got to try this!  Not only do I have cans and cans of wheat, but I think this is such a fun, fresh way to decorate for Spring.

If you have a little girl with a bedroom, or know a little girl with a bedroom, or if you are a girl with a bedroom, then you have to see this.  
 Isn't that beautiful?  Anna Sophia made that using an old frame and some scrapbooking paper.  She's a genius!  And she's a generous, caring genius, because she gives very clear directions so that we can make more of these little beauties for ourselves.

Katie is quite the crafty gal.  She's learning to quilt, apparently.  I call that brave.  This week she showed off these darling towels that she embellished. 
I guess I should have already figured out that you could do this kind of stuff with towels and cute scraps of fabric, but I hadn't.  Thanks for providing instructions so that I can make them, Katie!  Now I have a great gift idea for every wedding I attend over the next 50 years.

House of Smiths
This, you have got to see.  Words do not do it justice.
See, I told you that you just had to see it!  You want to know what impresses me about this beautiful bathroom that  Shelley designed?  (Besides all the light and soft colors and dainty glass knobs....)  That pretty blue damask is vinyl.  Yep.  Not wallpaper!  Shelley sells vinyl cut-outs, and if this is a sampling of her work, then I'm going shopping!  There are lots and lots of other pretty things to see at House of Smiths, including tutorials!

Playing Sublimely
I just discovered Amy's blog this week.  I'm not quite sure how I got there, but I'm so glad I did!  I think that Amy and I could form a support group.  She describes her husband as "an engineer who wishes he was a carpenter."  Hmm.....I think I could use that description for my husband.  Oh, but the things Amy's engineer/carpenter husband has done to their house--with her support and assistance, of course!
Exterior Before:
Take a look at the after.....with a porch designed and built by Amy's husband:
The master bathroom was a little dated before, to say the least.
But Amy and her husband worked their magic, creating this:
Amy's husband, in typical engineer fashion, came up with a way to make things more efficient.  Thanks to the TV he installed in the new bathroom, now he can catch the morning news while he's shaving!  
And the playroom they created for their children is just as magical 
as all of the other transformations in their house to home story:
Don't you love it?  Don't you want to see some more of it?  Well, Amy has a complete home tour for you at her blog.  Go visit, sometime!
Remember, Saturday is a special day.  Enjoy yours!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my butterfly frame!

    Now I am off to check all the other great posts you shared. :)

  2. Oh my, you are so stinkin' sweet ;)! Such an honor that you would feature my house stuff...thanks so much!

  3. Wonderful things to share...I am liking the message board made from the old door! Great ideas.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my towels and for your kind words! Too cute!