Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Funeral for a Camera

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today to read of the passing of one who has served me well over the past four years. 

My Camera.

Most of you are only acquainted with My Camera through his faithful service.  He was instrumental in providing many of the images for this blog, Christmas newsletters, Christmas cards, and some of the photographs displayed in my home.  He served faithfully from the time he arrived in our home on the Christmas of 2005.

A R607 HP Photosmart, some would have called him a basic point and shoot camera.  But My Camera was so much more than basic.  Thanks to an exhaustive search by the Bionic Man for the best camera we could get for our money, My Camera was 4.1 megapixels with a 21x zoom.  He was compact, lightweight, and easy for a techno-doofus like myself to eventually learn to use. 

Over the years, as the Bionic Man's interest in My Camera waned, mine grew.  I became better acquainted with many of My Camera's more fascinating features.  My Camera taught me about Macro, and was just beginning to introduce me to Aperture Priority before his untimely death.  My Camera and I explored the joys of Picnik together, learning to extend his abilities with photo editing software.  We were getting really good at black and white sessions with the children, and improving our ability to shoot indoors.  Ours had become a very happy relationship before his untimely, recent demise. 

My Camera, simple as he was, was teaching me to enjoy photography.

My Camera's death was confirmed at 9:17 A.M. today, by an online HP customer service agent.  Cause of death is reportedly natural causes, the normal wear and tear.  (It is suspicious, however, that My Camera was fine until the Bionic Man took him skiing.  Not that I'm blaming the Bionic Man.....but I am suspecting foul play.)  The agent was less than respectful of My Camera's passing and my subsequent grief, carelessly asking if he could immediately put me in contact with a HP sales representative.

(As if.  That's like a funeral director asking the widow if she would like information about online dating services before she's even picked out a casket.)

My Camera is survived by a Sony Digital Handycam (video) and an obnoxious camera that the Bionic Man purchased before Superkid's Make-a-Wish trip because it could shoot photos and videos underwater.  Don't even ask.

Let us mourn My Camera's passing with a moment of silence.

(Silence ensues.)

Thank you.  In lieu of flowers, the bereaved (myself) request that you provide recommendations for a replacement.  (Since we've had a moment of silence, discussion of a replacement is now appropriate.)  Due to the confidence which My Camera helped me develop, I think I would like to move on to something a little more exciting than a point-and-shoot camera.  Something that will still offer the ease of point-and-shoot, but a few additional options for the (very) amateur photographer.  A camera for someone who doesn't want to invest in anything that would let her go pro, but does want to create better images.  Video capability isn't necessary.

Recommendations, please!  Oh, and I could use a casserole or two.  You know, to get me through the next couple of days.....while I take some time to grieve........and research new cameras.

Special Note:  pictures of the absolutely darling aprons I've been making (if I do say so myself) and an illustrated demo of the BEST AND EASIEST way to make ruffles will not be available until My Camera has a sufficient replacement.  I'm so, so sorry. 

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  1. Hey Ruth...one of my good friends just bought a new camera. Here is her blog site so you can check it out. She's got some new pictures from the camera on there. I think she paid around $350. Good Luck!