Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sewing Room Redo

Okay, so you know how I'm always talking about how I'm just about to redo some room in my house.  The laundry room....the girls' room....the kitchen....yadayadayada.  Yep, I'm all talk and no action when it comes to redos.  Lots of ideas, no elbow grease.  Rev the engine, fail to launch.  It is a bad habit of mine.

But my sewing room/spare bedroom is another story.  I'm actually in the middle of this one.  I'm really doing it.  Or redoing it.  Unfortunately, the before shots are currently inside the AWOL camera.  Oh, and they are the real deal.  As in, someone is going to call one of those hoarding intervention reality shows and say, "Have we got a show for you!"  That bad.  I can't wait to show them to you.  (Actually, I can.  If you are under the mistaken impression that I have it really together, then it might be nice for me if you continued to believe that for a while.)

The following are some of the elements of the room that I already have. 

1.  Old daybed, much like this:
The Bionic Man has firmly "suggested" that our daybed shall not be painted.  I shall not paint the daybed.  However, I shall unscrew those bright brass ball finials and spray paint those REDI think that shall be quite sufficient.  

Oh, before we do anything else, can we stop and laugh together over that phone in the corner of the above picture?  Are you old enough to remember thinking it would be so cool to have a phone like that in your room?  If not, then you can't appreciate the fact that my best friend and I used to argue over which one of us got Ponch and which one got John when we played CHiPs Girlfriends.  Hilarious!

2.  Old farmhouse style table, similar to this:
My mother-in-law donated her sewing table to us to use as our dining table when the Bionic Man and I were first married.  We have since replaced it, and just kind of have it hanging around for when we need more table space.  I've decided to move it upstairs and let it become a sewing table again.  I might, however, be tempted to make it look more like this:
3.  Particle board dresser, which I really couldn't find a picture of online.  Probably because it came from my very own bedroom, growing up.  Can you believe anything particle board has lasted that long?  To be honest, it hasn't.  It was nearly destroyed in several moves, only to be rescued and repaired by the Bionic Man.  (Once because I cried over it.  Seriously.  I cried over a particle board dresser.  Probably because I was pregnant at the time, and in my hormonal haze could only think that my baby would have no place to put its itty bitty onesies if the Bionic man couldn't fix it.)  I guess it looks something like this, without any of the architectural charm:
But it's a great place to store fabric!

4.  Soft-sided storage bins, turquoise/aqua:
Found these in the dollar section at the Bullseye Boutique (Target, to you) this weekend.  

5.  Also from the Bullseye Boutique, these plastic drawers on wheels, only my Target had them in AQUA!
These are just what I needed, because they fit perfectly underneath my little sewing table.  I can fit one on either side underneath the table, making accessible storage for me, just like an actual desk.  And did I mention that they are AQUA?  And that they were on sale?

6.  Kitschy wooden shelves that someone gave me.  Maybe a white elephant?  Maybe when Heidi moved?  They are already primed, and waiting for me to spray paint them red and perhaps modpodge them up a bit.  Once they are vibrant red and hanging on the wall, I think they'll actually be pretty cute.  You know the type, they were all the rage before Pottery Barns' molding shelves came along.

7.  Okay, I don't actually have this piece yet, but I saw it this weekend at Home Depot for $16.  So I can get it.  Check this out:
It's a very colorful, resin adirondack chair!  (They also have this chair in other happy colors like red, lime, lemon, and orange.  I'm going to throw this in the room because a) I really, really, really like the color and b) there is no way the Bionic Man would go for these on our deck (he's into neutrals) and c) where else can I get an occasional chair for $16?  Don't worry, I won't use this for my sewing chair--I'll find something more ergonomically correct for that.  This will just be the fun chair that sits in the corner that guests can throw their towels over and I can throw pieces of fabric over while I'm sewing.  You know what I mean.  Someday maybe I'll sew some pillows to go on it, like these made by Meg.
So, I'm off and running with this project!  I spent last Saturday rearranging the room, repairing the particle board dresser and filling it with my fabric, sorting through some of the piles, and emptying the bins of sewing and craft supplies that have been underneath the current sewing table.  Wish me luck!

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