Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holland Gets Healthy: Week 1

{gulp} Here we go!

Just in case you missed the memo...(read about it here)...I'm using my blog and The Pleated Poppy's ongoing "What I Wore Wednesday" series to keep me motivated and accountable for my weight loss and fitness goals.  I only have a couple pics for this week, and as you can see, I'm experimenting with the best place to take pictures and how to format everything.  Boy, oh boy, oh boy, is it tricky to strike a flattering pose, suck in your stomach, figure out what to do with one arm, hold the camera with another, try not to shut your eyes or make a goofy face, AND take a picture.  All that effort burns some calories, I'm sure.
After the above pics, I started to get really brutal.  Better lighting and front and back pictures.  Wow.
Yes, that is Hunter the Dog trying to share mirror space with me.  He's such a smarty pants; he figured that if he came with me while I wore it, he should be in the picture of it.  Isn't it cute how he puts his paw on my knee?  Hmm....this is a good reminder to me that Hunter needs his nails clipped.  Yikes!
This is the part where I tell you what went well this week, and how I could have improved.

What went well: 
- I started off the week well, making sure I got to a fitness class on Monday
- I finally admitted to myself that one of my big barriers to weight loss is that food is my comfort item.  When I'm feeling down or stressed, that is what I turn to.  Since I tend to not keep a lot of unhealthy items in my cupboards, I don't necessarily binge on cookies and ice cream.  But I do love my carbs, and I will seek them out with the persistence of a bloodhound, when I want them. 
- Now that I've admitted it, I'm trying to come up with some ideas on how to handle this. 

Where I needed improvement:
- I let my big kitchen painting project get in the way of my fitness routine.  (Missed classes on Tuesday and today because of it.)
- Excuses are like armpits (they both stink) but it must be said: I woke up Wednesday with a cold.  While I don't feel completely horrible (thank you Dr. Gutt for these wide open sinuses!), I feel tired, achy, and irritable.  And I'm craving carbs.
- Like I said, I've had a hard, hard, time with good eating this week.  Probably didn't help that I put off grocery shopping this week, and didn't have ANY readily available healthy choices on hand for myself.
Week 1 Weight: 148 lbs.
Anyone else besides me concerned that Week 2 has Thanksgiving in it?

And now, just 'cause I'd like to end this entry on a positive's this week's favorite item:
Now, I'm off to finish up that kitchen project!  More and better pics and info on that coming soon!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, Castle Rock is beautiful! I love living here! Best of luck to you on your weight loss journey. I am near the end of mine but that is when it really starts because maintaining weight is a challenge as well!