Friday, November 20, 2009

Turning Frowns Upside Down

I'm grumpy this morning.

I have several reasons to be grumpy.  None of them are really all that important, but the fact they are on my mind is bugging me.  So I'm going to share them.  Don't be offended.  Feel free to skip to the end of this post.

1.  The Bionic Man called me yesterday, at the beginning of an already full afternoon, to let me know that it was "cakeathon" night at Cub Scout pack meeting that night.  Could I come up with something creative?  (See what happens when I make rainbow cupcakes just one time?  They get used to it, real fast.)

2.  Shortly after the Bionic Man called about the cakeathon, I had to go to my OB/GYN's for an uncomfortable test.  I'm not going to go into details, because we don't know each other well enough.  Test results were fine.  I'm fine.  I just think ultrasounds that don't include babies are zero fun, so I'm feeling grouchy about the fact that I had to be there.  (Don't worry, it wasn't like this ultrasound was supposed to have a baby in it.  I just think that variety is more fun and rewarding.)

3.  As I whipped dinner together and raced to get out the door to a meeting later that night, the Bionic Man mentioned casually, "Oh, by the way, tomorrow is the chili cook-off."  WHAT chili cook-off?  "The one at work," he told me.  "Do you think you could make that chili that isn't chili for me to take to work tomorrow?"  It is really not typical for the Bionic Man to spring stuff on me like this.  He knows better.  I don't know where the two strikes in six hours came from.  But since I refused to make the cake (hey, that test at the doctor's office hurt) I kind of had to smile through clenched teeth and agree to make the soup....if he would pick up the ingredients.

4.  It is 9 A.M. and I have to make chili.  Bionic Man picked up some of the ingredients, but not exactly the right ones.  I'm going to have to go to the store for more.  My kitchen is a mess.  My hair is a mess.

5.  I have to get Christmas organized in the next 5 days.  And Thanksgiving is at my house.

Sigh.  Okay, it is out of my system.  Now, I'm going to think of the words of one of my favorite Primary songs:
If you chance to meet a frown,
Do not let it stay.
Quickly turn it upside down
And smile that frown away!

No one likes a frowny face,
Change it for a smile;
Make the world a brighter place
By smiling all the while.

I'm going to turn my grumps upside down to gratitude.

Not sure why I chose a cat picture.  It was just so darn cute.

1.  The Bionic Man is such a good father.  I love that he's trying to help our son, Justone, have a positive experience with cub scouting.  It is so great that he'll check up on things and make sure we're ready for each scouting activity.

2.  My OB/GYN is so funny.  He makes me laugh hard.  And nothing that can't be easily fixed is wrong with me.  And guess what else?  The new guidelines for mammograms are that you don't have to have your first one until the age of 50.  I won't need to have that painful procedure for another 17 years!  That really makes me happy.

3.  I'm so flattered that the Bionic Man loves my Tuscan Chili enough that he wants to take it to share with his co-workers.  I'll share the recipe with you sometime.  It takes just like the Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana, only I add beans.  Anything with beans is chili, right?

4.  My kitchen is huge.  I'll find a place to make the chili.  I'm so thankful to have a home that I can use to bless others, even if big kitchen equals big mess.  I'm thankful that I have lots of hair.  It is long and thick, and long, thick, messy hair is better than no hair.  I can brush it.  Bedheads are really in, right now.  Circles under my eyes and messy hair will just make people think I'm a big Twilight fan when I'm at the store.  Problem solved: I definitely don't need to take a shower before I run out to the store today.

5.  It will be so nice to have Christmas taken care of ahead of time.  I'll really be able to enjoy the holiday season if I'm not stressed out.  And I love having Thanksgiving at my house.  I'm so glad my sister can come, and Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same without sharing it with our good friends, the Clevs.  Even though we are far away from other family members, it is a blessing to have so many other wonderful people in our lives that we have learned to love like family.  Here's a shout-out to the Binghams!  We will come back to Connecticut someday for Thanksgiving, but we're going to have to bring the Clevs with us.  Hope you don't mind!

Ahhh, that's better.  Now I'm smiling.  What do you have in your life that you can turn upside down today?  Please share!

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