Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Speaking of children's artwork.....

I found this when I was going through the files of our children's artwork that my brilliant husband, B, has scanned into our computer.  I'd totally forgotten it existed.  It is hilarious.

Before I show it to you, I think I should provide a little disclaimer.  We really don't think that boy children are better than girl children at our house.  We are happy to have any children at all.  That being said, my husband was the eldest of six children.  The firstborn.  And the only boy.  Every time his mom had a baby, B was hoping for a brother.  Every time he was disappointed.  B loves his sisters, but he really, really, really wanted to have a little brother.  You can imagine how thrilled he was to have his own son.  But he really, really, really  wanted J to have a little brother.  That didn't happen....I'm afraid J will have to aquire brothers by marriage.  B is learning to live with disappointment.  But he is also quite conscious of the precarious position of his particular line of the Harding Name.....

....And so are the children.  I can prove it.  Here is the lovely coloring page S brought home from Primary class one Sunday in December.  She definitely took some artistic license with this one.Note the handwritten explanation B added, a helpful reminder of what S said when she handed this lovely piece of artwork to her daddy in the hallway after Primary.  Please don't be offended, and definitely don't use any Freudian theories to analyze it.

Only S's imagination could have created this.  Oh, my. 

Just in case you can't read B's notation, this is what it says:
S colored this picture when she was five years old.  Joseph is crying "because Baby Jesus is a girl."

I'm just really, really glad I'm not there in her class to hear any of the comments she makes.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.


  1. hi Ruth! LOVE your blog too! It amazes me that you have TWO CHD Babies! I would love to hear more about your story. I will try to read your archives to see if i can find details, but can you shoot me an email a chloesmama1@yahoo.com with some info?

  2. Ruth...
    Thank you for your sweet comments. I am so sorry to hear about your little "L." What a sweet little angel she is. After reading your blog, I can't even tell how much I can relate with you. When we had Mia, my husband and I joked with each other that we were experts with all of Kate's medical equipment, but had no idea what to do with a crying baby :) I have to say that I absolutely LOVE "Welcome to Holland." It's such a great analogy and how grateful I am that I was able to visit "Holland."

  3. I've been enjoying your blog. Keep up the good writing!