Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Names

Sarah over at Clover Lane did a post on baby names today.  I loved it.  I, like Sarah, love naming babies.  Not only do I enjoy naming my babies, I enjoy naming everyone else's, too.  In secret.  I regret to inform you that--if I actually know you and you have given birth at least once in the past ten years or since we've known each other--I probably named your baby for you in secret.  Once you announced the name YOU chose for your baby, I was probably mildly and unjustifiably offended that you didn't pick MY name for your baby.  I know, I know, how crazy is that?

Anywho, Sarah has unwittingly inspired me to rename all members of my family, right here, right now.  For the purposes of blogging.  Using initials to refer to my children in this blog seems more than slightly like a science fair project.  (Child E, anyone?)  Not only that, I keep accidentally typing out their entire names and then I have to go back and edit them out.  (So much for internet safety.)  I'm picking new names that give an indication to something about their personality or special spot in our family.

New names are as follows:

Husband B: Bionic Man
Child E: Endeavor
Child J: Justone (As in "Yes, we just have one boy."  And this child does have a deep sense of fairness.)
Child S: Superkid
Child L: Li'l Angel

Hunter the Dog will remain Hunter the Dog.  It is a noble name for a canine, isn't it?  And it is the only name I've ever been able to settle upon immediately, without argument from Bionic Man.  Oh, the funny stories I could tell you about naming our children.   But I'll spare you.


  1. Ruth,
    Thank you for finding your way to my blog. I enjoyed your funny "what was I thinking" moment.

    I was touched reading through some of your blogs and getting to read your story. The Holland poem is one of my personal favorites and I cherish it's meaning. We would never choose to visit "Holland" but now that we are here it is truly a beautiful place to be.

    May God continue to provide you daily strength!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  2. So funny! I never thought of using different names on my blogs for my kids...which is a great idea, not only for safety, but because I'd get to pick 5 more names! Yippee!