Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love: The Big Game

I am well aware that the Super Bowl was over more than a week ago.  Yes.

Since our team lost, sadly, perhaps I should blame the lateness of this post upon that.  Our loss.

But I won't.  The truth is that I was without my beloved laptop all week.  It took me long enough to learn how to download my photos onto said laptop, it will take me years to figure out how to get them on the Mac.  There you have it.

Warning:  Due to the fact that I am now able to publish photos again, we may be visiting several past events this week!  
Think of it as vintage, not late.  That always helps.

And the other truth is, we're not a family who follows sports of any kind religiously, especially on TV.  (Admittedly, I can really get into live hockey, but that is another story.)  When our local team goes to the Super Bowl, however, we decide to become personally invested.  Invested in that we have our own little Super Bowl party and attempt to follow the game.  (I should mention that Justone has become very adept at helping all of us follow the game.  I'm not sure where he picked up that kind of genetic material.  This year, he shocked us with some random stats and info about some of the players.)  Any excuse for a good party, around here.

This one was particularly fun.  Wanna see?

The Super Bowl Comes to Holland
Before the big game started, we baked some sugar cookies.
(Hard to tell from this pic, but lots of them were football shapes.)
One of the children got the camera.  They took some interesting pictures of me.

Windspeeds were pretty high that night, as you can tell.

We had our party in our basement rec room.  At any given time during the course of the game,
you could find something like this going on at the bottom of the stairway.
Awww!  It was Hunter the Dog's first Super Bowl, ever.  
Before the game even started, Superkid and Justone were prepared to show their spirit.
They had a parade to kick off the event, and this was one of the floats.  

Justone was really excited to watch the game.  He was particularly excited to see Austin Collie.
We had lots of yummy food at our party, but unfortunately this is the only surviving evidence.
I'm not sure why the Bionic Man looks as if he's been caught red-handed in criminal activity.
Besides chips, we had sliders made of roast beef, swiss cheese, and roasted red peppers, veggies and dips, and homemade sodas.  (Can you tell it was diet day off for me?)
The only reason for this picture is so you can see how Hunter the Dog 
sports eye color of Colt Blue.  Fascinating!
During halftime, we decorated our cookies.  Note the team spirit!
Endeavor's masterpiece.
Justone shows his support for Austin Collie (#17) with a cookie.
While the rest of us were preoccupied with the second half of the game,
Superkid decorated all of the remaining cookies.  Wow!
Strangely enough, Superkid loves decorating cookies, but won't eat cookies.
I decorated a few cookies, myself.  This was my favorite.  

Can I tell you a funny cookie decorating story?  Back in December 2008, Superkid was recovering from open heart surgery at our local children's hospital.  The Child Life department always plans fun activities for the patients and their families, and there are some especially fun events prior to Christmas.  One day when Superkid was feeling up to it, we went downstairs to one of the Christmas parties.  It was sponsored by a big grocery store chain (Kroger) and there were all kinds of things to do: make Christmas ornaments and crafts, play games, decorate Christmas cookies, etc.  I decorated a Christmas cookie.  One of the Kroger employees who was helping out with the party saw my cookie and asked, "Are you a professional cake decorator?"  I'm not, trust me, and I told him so.  "Well, if you ever need a job, please feel free to contact me," he said, handing me a business card.  "We could use you in our bakeries."  I looked at his card later--he was the Kroger regional manager.  Hahahaha!  If this blogging thing doesn't work out.....I'm sure there is a place for me somewhere on the pages of Cakewrecks!

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